About Us

It all happened little by little. After many years of living in the city, we realized that our stressful routine was eating up every opportunity for relaxation and serenity. We sought escape strategies in books where we discovered like-minded people who inspired us toward new projects. We were very shy about releasing our first books on healthy eating, but a little later, as we watched the first drops appear of the hydrolats that we were distilling, we decided to publish another book - this time about aromatherapy for children. We wanted to continue talking about topics that matter to us: a wholesome life, a healthier diet, a more conscious way of consuming, and parenting based on a strong connection with our children - all the things that help to slow down the busy pace of life, and help us to live healthier, more naturally, and more responsibly even in an urban environment.

We work on foreign and local projects, talking to like-minded people and encouraging them to write their books. Our participation begins from the very first sentence. Aesthetics is just as important to us as the content, and we strive to unify our publications with attractive design. We are also motivated to look for unexpected publishing solutions that could extend the book’s life beyond the standard concept of publishing and present fresh, unique solutions and ideas.

We are full of ideas. We hope to initiate events and discussions and to make our mark in small but important ways. In other words - we don’t want to limit our publishing house to just books. We dare to dream of a future in which Dvi Tylos could become a platform for meaningful new initiatives. This is the path we want to follow.