Eglė Bazaraitė, Ph.D. Arch., taught workshops on how to color Easter eggs while living in Lisbon during her student years. She brought this habit with her from her childhood home where she and her mother Dalia Bazarienė used to dye and scrape the eggs. Dalia had also been coloring Easter eggs since childhood, and she began sharing her knowledge teaching the art of egg coloring when she became a member of the Lithuanian Folk Artists Union in 1982. Later, Dalia was granted with the national status of Artist. Her Easter eggs are preserved at the National Museum of Lithuania.

More than just showing off their artistic Easter eggs, Eglė and Dalia want to share their experience and knowledge to motivate everyone to find their own personal and unique way of coloring and decorating Easter eggs, and to pass this knowledge from generation to generation.

The ritual of Easter egg coloring gathers family and friends, and it brought together Eglė and Dalia for this book, too. In this book, beyond the symbolism of signs, prints, and colors, the authors share their egg coloring stories as well. Yet the main focus is the unique technique of coloring and a constant search for one’s very own style.

Savas margutis is the third book by Dalia Bazarienė about Lithuanian folk customs. In 2000, she published a manual Mūsų rankdarbiai (Our Handicrafts), and in 2013, both authors introduced the book Pynimas iš vytelių (Wicker Weaving).