Future Projects

This winter we’re working on several book projects that we’re excited to tell you about.

Aromatherapy for Children, written by one of the best known aromatherapy leaders in the world, alternative medicine practitioner Valerie Ann Worwood, will reach bookshelves during the first days of the New Year. Worwood has shared her experience using essential oils in clinical medicine in numerous international workshops. We are thrilled to be able to publish this book by an author who is known and appreciated worldwide. The Lithuanian version will exude naturalness both in content and design - it will be illustrated with herbs collected in Lithuanian meadows. After spending the summer gathering these plants ourselves, we’ve dried them between the pages of fairytale books in the hope of harnessing even more magical energy. The fragrant magic of essential oils will help you greet the spring full of good health and energy and we believe you will be able to feel the healing power of the Lithuania’s meadows as you read.

In March, a book by Sweet Root, named the best restaurant in Lithuania by the White Guide 2017, Proud of Lithuania: A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root will arrive in stores. This book will show readers the beauty of the Lithuanian seasons and nature, and will introduce them to the local ingredients and the farmers and small producers behind this beautiful Lithuanian fairytale. We are certain this book will shine a new light on the rich cuisine and traditions of our country.

We are also happy to introduce Ieva Šidlaitė, a postgraduate of cultural history and her book Natural Fermentation. After spending her university years in the noisy city of Vilnius, she escaped to a green farmstead in Nėris Regional Park known as Slėnis where she swapped the urban chaos for foggy meadows, lively forests, and a completely new kind of cooking. Ieva was inspired by the nature round her to learn more about wild edible plants and how to prepare whole foods. At first she used her new knowledge to cook healthy, balanced meals for her family, but gradually she began to share her experience with others. Ieva has written numerous articles about traditional cuisine, fermentation, souring, and edible wild plants. She also cooks for the guests staying at Slėnis Guesthouse and organizes workshops and yearly summertime seminars. 

We are excited to be able to work with Rasa Mažionienė, whose book on body psychotherapy will be published in 2017. This book will be a guide for correctly understanding your body and the signals it is sending. We hope it may inspire some change for readers, help heal chronic illnesses, and avoid new ailments. Reading it, you will be reminded of how much we can do on our own to improve our health.

New books on healthy nutrition, a second book on aromatherapy, and many more projects are already in our plans for the future. We’ll tell you more about those projects once they’re a little more tangible.