Optimum Nutrition for Your Child

Optimum nutrition is a revolution in healthcare. Patrick Holford reveals in Optimum Nutrition for Your Child's Mind what good nutrition can do for the minds and brains of children. The first part of the book reveals why certain foods will benefit the brain and why others are not good. The second part explains how to maximise your child's potential for better school performance, happiness and personal fulfilment. The third part explains how to identify and solve mental health problems in children. Part four explains what you need do to feed your child properly, with plenty of shopping tips, recipes and practical ways to keep your child's diet on track. The book is addressed to parents and is packed with easily accessible information, dos and don'ts, charts, case histories, convincing and well referenced scientific studies, tips and recipes. Understand why certain foods are good for your child's brain - and why some are not. Give your child a head start at school. Identify and solve mental health problems in children. Start to give your child the best diet possible.

Translated from English by Dovilė Vaišvilaitė-Akdere. Available in Lithuanian exclusively from Dvi Tylos.