Proud of Lithuania:
A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root

This story begins at a dinner table, on a plate full of magical flavours, tastes, emo9ons, and memories, in the rough woods of our little country called Lithuania. In its bright fields and cold blue rivers. In its soils and lakes. From the soil up to the sky. At a time when our life narrative was formed by a chain of connected happenings: birth, maturation, death, and rebirth of nature.

It is a fairy tale that we are all a part of. How can we build our future without knowing the past story of our ancestors? Loosing the thread of this fairy tale would be like cutting our roots, and we would never be able to know the tastes that lay in front of us – on our dinner plate. This is where this charming affair begins and ends.

Let’s bring back to the table some of the forgo;en heroes we once knew and the different combinations of local ingredients that define the culture and manner of the place we live. You may call them our customs and traditions; we think of them as little stories on the plate. You don’t have to travel the seven seas to experience something subtle and magical at your home.

This flavourful fairy tale isn’t intended to be your practical guide in the kitchen (although you will find a recipe index at the end of this book); its goal is to make you a part of this story, to help you become your own hero so that you can fill the next pages with your own emotions and discoveries. We hope that the pages of this book will bring you back to the sweet roots of truthfulness, meaning, and self-recognition – to the way we truly are.

The book has 9 different covers, best representing the nature of Lithuania. Which one will be yours is always a surprise.


Proud of Lithuania. A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root

The circle of Rėda
I Once upon a 9me
II The beau9ful land of Lithuania
III The great heroes of our country
IV The way we like it here
V The happy ending
VI The story behind

Format: 21 x 29,5 cm, hard cover
ISBN: 978-609-95571-4-4
Language: english and lithuanian
Pages: 360
Year: 2017
Publishing house: Dvi Tylos
Author: Sweet Root restaurant
Texts: Algė Ramanauskienė
Editing: Jenn Virskus, Jurgita Jačėnaitė
Photos: Sarune Zurba Photography
Design: Boy Creative Studio
Printed by: Balto Print